Online Payments Update


Please remember to include this 2 important references when you are making payments for your child/children fees contribution.

  1. The student number & additional reference as given in the advisory.
  2. The school’s email address,

We have received payments that we could not identify and therefore could not issue any receipts.

Please help us to avoid any delays or misunderstandings in future.

Thank you.

2018 Fees Contribution & Vehicle Pass

Dear Parents,

Please take note that the 2018 Fees Contribution Advisory & new Vehicle Pass are ready for collection on the first day of school (Jan 2nd, 2018 Tuesday)

The school office will be closed next week (last week of December 2017) for Christmas break.

Please leave a message in our email box ( or WhatsApp should you have any urgent matters to ask us. The office phone will only be switched on intermittently for messages and replies.

Thank you.