2019 Replacement Classes TimeTables (second update, 08/07/19)

Dear Parents, Guardians and Students,

Please take note of the following Replacement Classes TimeTables for the individual classes starting from July 2019 due to the September conference from 26-28 (Thursday-Saturday)

Please take note that the extra classes are marked in RED.

Update Note: 9B Replacement Timetable updated (09-07-19)

Exercise of Payment Option for 2019

Dear Parents,

We notice that we have not received all the payment option papers that we have distributed to you a month earlier.

If we do not receive any submissions via email from you by Dec 7, 2018, Friday, we will proceed to bill you for 2 terms (which is the default billing.)

Please make sure that the document is scanned to pdf and attached to the email. We will not accept jpegs attachments.

Thank you.

Cancellation of Orientation Day

Dear Parents

Please note that our Orientation Day for the new students of 2019 is now cancelled, but will be incorporated into the first week of Term 1 at the start of the new academic year in 2019.

We can be reached via email or WhatsApp messaging during the holidays. We will try to reply you by the next working day.

Thank you.