2018 Year 7 Intake

Dear Parents and Friends,

The registration for the 2018 intake entrance tests will begin from:

March 1st, 2017 (Wednesday) to July 31st, 2017 (Monday).

Registration must be made on prescribed form. Incomplete forms will not be accepted.

Please note that the intake is only for Year 7 (Form 1).


Parents/Guardians who wish to transfer their child/children to MLC from other schools or centres for Years 8-10, can contact the Principal via email (mlc@metrotab.org).

Vehicle Security Pass Stickers

Dear Parents & Guardians,

Please note that you will be allowed to apply up to 2 (maximum per family) vehicle pass stickers for the current year (2017).

Should you request for a change of vehicle passes, you will need to apply for a new one and return the old at time of application.

Application forms are available through the class teachers and admin assistant during school hours only.

Please kindly apply for your pass stickers before 13 January 2017.