CMCO Closure Announcement

MLC & MRC will be closed from tomorrow, Oct 13 until Oct 27 as per the government’s announcement.

Teachers and students who wish to come back to collect their resources can do so tomorrow (Oct 13) only from 8am to 10am.

Online classes will be conducted during this period and attendance is compulsory.

Class teachers will be contacting their respective students with details of the online classes.


Deposit Refund Notification

Dear parents/guardians,

Please note that the security deposit refund from Metro Tabernacle A/G is ready for collection on August 11 and 12, between 12 noon and 2 pm.

We will serve parents/guardians based on the first alphabet of your name that you register with us.

Tuesday, August 11, 2020 – A to L
Wednesday, August 12, 2020 – M to Y

Please take note of the following
1. You have to collect the refund cheque personally as we need you to acknowledge.
2. Please prepare a cheque or a bank cashier’s cheque made payable to KINGSWAY INTERNATIONAL SDN BHD for the same amount or print and bring a copy of the online transfer as evidence of payment.
3. If you are unable to come personally, please make an appointment with us.
4. You will need to have your temperature taken and register at the basement lobby and observe all SOP requirements when entering the building. The owner of the building reserves the right to refuse entry if SOP and wearing of face mask is not adhered to. We reserve the right not to serve you if you are not wearing a face mask which is mandated by the government effective August 1st.
5. As social distancing must be observed at all times, only one person will be served at any one time.


School (Zoom) meeting on re-opening (secondary)

Dear parents and students,

Please note there will be two Zoom meetings tonight @ 8pm and 9pm with Principal Lim Chin Chin who will answer your questions about the SOP reopening.

Please note that each meeting is limited to 100 participants.

We will try to answer every queries possible as we will keep each meeting to one hour so as to accommodate as many parents as possible, if not all.
The meetings will be recorded and made available on request.

The Zoom ID and PW will be made available through the class teachers.


Schools SOP for reopening

Dear parents and students,
We are looking forward to welcome you back for classes.
Note that there will be some major changes especially in the drop-off and pick-up protocols.
As we work towards smoothening the process in the students return, please bear with us.

The SOP and the Pre Pack Food Menu is attached here.
Please kindly order your food and make payment to the caterer directly by Monday (July 13).


Entrance Test for 2021 (secondary) CLOSING DATE

Dear parents and friends,
Please note that the closing date for the above is AUGUST 14, 2020 (Friday)
for your submission of Registration for the Entrance Test for your child/children for Year 7 (Form 1) for 2021.
The form is attached below for your download.

Send the completed form with the necessary scanned documents to the following address:
grace.kingsway@gmail.com ,or


Important Notice (22 April 2020)

Dear parents and guardians,

We have sent out an important notice relating to the future payment of fees and other-related school matter.

It is very important for you to receive this email (with the attached letter, detailing out the future payments.)

If you do not receive the email by tomorrow (April 23, 12 noon), please contact the Principal of MLC at mlc@metrotab.org, providing information regarding your child’s name and grade/class that he/she is in.

Thank you.


2020 TimeTables (Update-April 2020)

Dear Parents, students and teachers,
Please note that the following timetables are effective when we resume school after the Movement Control Order is lifted on April 14, 2020.

As for their online lessons this period, students are advised to check with their respective teachers as to when their lessons will be conducted.


Extended mid-term break

Dear parents, guardians, students and teachers,
Please be informed that the First Term (2020) mid-term break will be extended to March 29.
The school will resume on March 30.
MLC school office will not be receiving any visitors or enquiries except through email.
Our email address: mlc@metrotab.org


Lost or Left Behind Personal Items

Dear Parents, Students and Teachers,

Please note that with immediate effect, if you should leave your bags, bottles, jackets, books and/or valuable items behind in the property after school hours or over the weekend or holidays, the school and the property owners will not be responsible to help you to recover them.


No Parking

Dear parents, guardians, transporters and visitors,

WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT from January 2, 2019 the Basement CarPark of the building will be closed to you for the following,

– Drive Through

– Drop off

– Pick Up

– Parking.

The open car park will be available for your use instead.

Thank you.