Entrance Test Registration (2019)

Dear Parents and Friends,

We have just started the 2019 Entrance Test Registration for the 2020 Academic Year for Year 7. Closing date: 31st July 2019

Please note that completed forms have to be submitted by hand in person to either the Principal or a teacher of the school during school days and hours. Do not submit forms via email. It will not be acknowledged.

School days : Mondays to Fridays (except public and school holidays) . School hours : 9.00 am to 3pm


2019 Admission


Registration for the 2019 Admission Test will be open from March 1st (Thursday) to 31st July 2018 (Tuesday).

Students registration can be submitted in person or via email (mlc@metrotab.org).

Please kindly note that incomplete forms without its relevant photocopies of documents will not be accepted.

Personal submissions can be done during school days from 9.30am to 3.00pm.



IGCSE May/June 2019

Important announcement to Year 11 students and parents,

We made an announcement towards the end of last year for students to sign up for the May/June 2019 IGCSE papers via a website that was given to us from Dwi Emas instead of Sri Emas. The difference is the venue. Although the 2 schools are affiliated, Dwi Emas is based in Shah Alam and Sri Emas in Subang.

If you have not made any payments, do not proceed further. Dwi Emas will treat it as incomplete.

The class teachers will give you the correct link to sign up.

Please check back here for further details.

2019 MLC TimeTables

Dear Students and Parents,

As we are just days away from the new school year (2019), we have prepared the various Years and Classes’ Timetables. Please download the right one for your use. Do take note that changes might occur to adjust for the smooth running of the classes.

timetable planner for 2019 _Year 7

timetable planner for 2019 _Year 8

timetable planner for 2019 _Year 9

timetable planner for 2019 _Year 10

timetable planner for 2019 _Year 11

Exercise of Payment Option for 2019

Dear Parents,

We notice that we have not received all the payment option papers that we have distributed to you a month earlier.

If we do not receive any submissions via email from you by Dec 7, 2018, Friday, we will proceed to bill you for 2 terms (which is the default billing.)

Please make sure that the document is scanned to pdf and attached to the email. We will not accept jpegs attachments.

Thank you.